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Xposure Techmedia Pvt. Ltd. Is ready for the future. We have designed our Partner Program to be your roadmap to getting there. The Program provides a strategic plan in which we can work together to meet our mutual business. Our back end development team plays a key role to fulfill the requirement generated by the partner.

Offshore Partner Offshore Partner

Offshore partner can generate the business inquiries where we can fulfill those inquiries through the low cost back end expertise. We always update ourselves to compete the latest technology trends. We ensure you that you get maximum business advantage at lower operational costs and on-time delivery.

Reseller Partner Domestic Partner

Domestic partner can promote our products & services to gain the benefits easily through marketing efforts. This partnership program is intended for partners those who have existing business network & marketing team to understand the peculiar need of market. Our back end development team trains the partners marketing team with the knowledge & latest technology trends.

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